Piercing Aftercare


Now you have your new piercing, here comes the hard part – successful healing.

Are You Listening?

The most important aftercare instruction to follow is to listen to your professional piercer.
They are the expert and you should follow their instructions properly to ensure your piercing heals well.


Keep It Clean

It is essential that your hands are thoroughly washed and clean before you touch your piercing.

You should clean your piercing regularly, however, try to avoid excessive cleaning and touching of a new piercing as this may slow down the healing process. We recommend you clean your piercing twice a day with a saline solution (salty water). Also, showering is best as it is a constant stream of fresh water washing dirt and germs away from your body.

After washing, always dry your piercing thoroughly by dabbing with a towel or cloth.  Apply an after care piercing product to the entry and exits sites of your piercing.

Avoid cleaning your piercing with Betadine, alcohol, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide or other harsh chemicals as these may cause irritation and damage.


Leave It Alone

As much as you love your new piercing, you must not keep touching and playing with it.
If you start fiddling with the new piercing, you risk putting dirt into the healing piercing which could lead to infection.

Whilst your piercing is new, try to avoid wearing tight clothing over the pierced area.  Rubbing may aggravate and inflame the piercing area making it sore and unsightly. Try to wear clothing made from natural fibres like cotton to increase air flow so your piercing can breathe, especially whilst you sleep.


Changing Jewellery
Sorry, but you just need to wait. 
Your piercing needs to be fully healed before you can even contemplate changing your jewellery. It’s best to drop into your professional piercer to get the thumbs up before you change your jewellery.  They are usually happy to assist with changing the jewellery for you.